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Chemodex Premium Anti-Freeze - Green D2 (-57°C) - 5 Litres

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Chemodex Premium Anti-Freeze - Green D2 (-57°C) - 5 Litres

Antifreeze Green D2 -57°C is an ethylene flycol-based engine coolant formulated for high performance in a mixed variety of applications such as both heavy and light engine applications. Organic additives, mixed with a blend of borate and silicate provide excellent protection against any application this antifreeze may be used for. 

Key Points:
Thermal Stability: This antifreeze effectively protects the engine from both freezing and boiling.
Anti-Corrosion: Outstanding anti-corrosion characteristics for cast iron, aluminium, brass,copper, solder and steel.
Frost Protection: Depending on the concentrate in the vehicle, this anti-freeze can protect against frost, preventing it from forming. 
Compatibility with Hard Water: This antifreeze benefits from the use of silicate stabilization technology, improving the products compatibility with hard water. 
Anti-foaming: Excellent Anti-Foaming characteristics. 
Freeze protection: This product can be diluted in many ways, to reduce protection to the needed value, decreasing cost and increasing use over time. (1:0 -57°C, 1:1 -37°C , 1:2 -19°C)
Exceeding Requirements: Exceeds the requirements of most other European andf International standards.

ASTM D3306
ASTM D4985
SAE J1034
BS 6580(2015)
AFNOR NF R15-601