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Chemodex Parts Washer Fluid - 25 Litres

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Chemodex Parts Washer Fluid - 25 Litres

Chemodex Parts Washer Fluid is a solvent cleaner, crafted with natural cleaning agents and raw materials for both operator acceptability as well as an enhanced working environment. The naturally derived solvents do not just increase operator acceptability via offered cleanliness, but also with a pleasant odor offered by the product. With excellent cleaning properties, Chemodex Parts Washer Fluid easily removes oils and greases with it's amazing grease cutting capabilities.

General Cleaning: Use neat via brush or swab, allow up to 5 minutes contact time.
Dip Tank: Place component in wire basket, soak fluid for up to 5 minute contact time, remove then drain. 
Parts Washer System: Use via self-contained re-circulation system.