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Chemodex FOODTEX Water Displacement WD - 500ml Aerosol

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Chemodex FOODTEX Water Displacement WD - 500ml Aerosol

Chemodex FOODTEX Water Displacement WD is NSF H1 registered (INS Registration number: 1795310), guaranteeing it's safe for incidental food contact and meets the highest standards for use in food processing environments. Designed for use in sensitive areas where hygiene is critical, this spray is ideal for applications in food processing, pharmaceuticals, and other clean industries. Quickly and effectively displaces moisture to prevent corrosion and ensure smooth operation of machinery and equipment. Ideal for use on a wide range of components, including slides, bearings, chains, gears, and more.

The convenient 500ml aerosol can allows for precise and controlled application.

  • Ensures food safety and compliance with NSF H1 certification
  • Extends the life of machinery and equipment by preventing corrosion
  • Reduces friction and wear with PTFE lubrication
  • Improves efficiency and reliability in food/clean environments
  • Easy to apply with a convenient aerosol can