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Chemodex De-Foamer Additive Anti-foam 5 Litres

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Chemodex De-Foamer Additive Anti-Foam 5 Litres

High-Performance Silicone Antifoam Concentrate for Food ApplicationsThis powerful silicone-based antifoam concentrate is specifically formulated for the food industry and other applications where rapid foam control is critical. It delivers exceptional performance and durability, offering a long-lasting solution to foam-related problems.

Key Features:
Rapid Foam Knockdown: Quickly eliminates foam in various food processing applications.
Stable and Durable: Designed to withstand high shear forces and maintain effectiveness in demanding food environments.
Highly Concentrated: Effective at low concentrations, providing excellent value for money.
Food-Safe Formulation: Free from petroleum solvents and not classified as hazardous, ensuring safety in food applications.
Easy to Use: Supplied in an easy-to-use emulsion form for simple and convenient application.
Versatile: Suitable for a wide range of food processing applications and other industries where foam control is necessary.

Depending on the degree of foaming, add up to 1 liter of antifoam concentrate per 1000 liters of fluid. For areas with limited flow, pre-dilute the antifoam in an equivalent amount of water. Apply directly to the source of foam for optimal results. Repeat at regular intervals if foaming persists.Always ensure the lid is tightly closed after use and protect the product from frost.