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Chemodex Copper grease - 12.5kg

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-Chemodex Copper Grease - 12.5Kg

Chemodex Copper Grease is a premium anti-seize and lubricating compound formulated to withstand the harshest conditions. Engineered with an infusible inorganic base and fortified with micro-particles of solid lubricants, this copper grease offers unparalleled protection against extreme pressures and temperatures.

Key Features & Benefits:
High-Temperature Resistance: Retains its lubricating properties even in temperatures up to 1100°C, making it ideal for exhaust systems, brakes, spark plugs, and other high-heat applications.
Anti-Seize Properties: Prevents seizing and galling of metal parts, ensuring easy disassembly and maintenance of threaded connections, flanges, and other components.
Corrosion Protection: Forms a protective barrier against water, steam, salt water, acids, alkalis, and most chemicals, safeguarding your equipment from corrosion.
Superior Lubrication: Reduces friction and wear between metal surfaces, extending the life of your components.
Never Hardens or Melts: Maintains its consistency under extreme conditions, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments.
Vibration Resistant: Unaffected by vibration, contraction, or expansion, guaranteeing consistent protection for your equipment.

Size: 100gm tube
Appearance: Copper-colored paste
Base: Infusible inorganic grease
Temperature Range: Sub zero up to 1100°C

Wind Farms
Offshore oil, gas, and power stations.