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Chemodex Anti-Freeze - Yellow Long Life (-37'C)

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Product Features

Antifreeze Yellow -37°C is an engine coolant concentrate based on monoethylene glycol and organic addictive technology, suitable for both petrol and diesel engines. Antifreeze Yellow utilizes Organic Acid Technology (OAT), providing excellent corrosion and extended services intervals allowing a less frequent maintenance due to corrosion inhibitors.

  • The thermal characteristics in Antifreeze yellow allow it to preform reliably in both hot and cold temperatures, allowing for effective anti-freezing capabilities as well as engine cooling without boiling. 
  • With Antifreeze Yellow, there is a reduction in deposits caused by hard water, as well as elimination of abrasive solids which may damage the joints of your water pump, meaning there is prolonged time between needed maintenance, saving you money in the long run.
  • There is an improved anti-corrosion protection of all metals and alloys used in the cooling system of modern vehicles, especially the aluminium. 
  • Antifreeze Yellow has excellent anti-foaming characteristics.
  • Meets most European and International Standards.