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Chemodex CDL Professional Motorcycle/Fork Truck Chain And Drive Spray Lubricant

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Size: 500ml Aerolsol

The formulation comprises viscous solvent refined lubricating oil compounded with colloidal molybdenum disulphide and a high viscosity index multi-functional additive which inhibits oxidation and corrosion while promoting stability. Also included is a minor proportion of an adhesive additive. The combination ensures that wear and friction are minimised and that adequate protection is given in arduous conditions of service. Chemodex C.D.L Chain and Drive Lubricant effectively lubricates chains and sprockets, while it is suitable for mechanical drives and conveyors of all descriptions. If the quantity applied is controlled it will not drip. C.D.L is resistant to water and to aqueous solutions of acids and alkalies, as well as most chemicals.

CHEMODEX CHAIN & DRIVE LUBRICANT provides the most efficient and practical way to lubricate all chains. Chemodex CDL has been developed to meet the lubrication requirements of all drive chains and sprockets.

The spray application provides an easy and speedy means of ensuring complete lubrication to areas of difficult access and with the help of the propellant, quickly penetrates to the bearing surface of pins and bushes. The inclusion of colloidal Molybdenum Disulphide in the specially refined high temperature base oil reduces wear and ensures extended chain life.

CDL AEROSOL Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)