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TotalEnergies Traxium Gear 9 FE 75W-80 Transmission Oil 20 Litres

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Product Features

TotalEnergies Traxium Gear 9 FE 75W-80 is a fully synthetic transmission oil designed for use in manual gearboxes and transaxles. It's formulated to provide excellent protection and performance in a wide range of operating conditions. This oil is engineered to meet the requirements of modern transmissions, providing smooth shifting, reduced wear, and improved fuel efficiency. It's typically used in passenger cars, light trucks, and other vehicles where such specifications are recommended.

Specifically engineered for ZF gearboxes, including those with or without Intarder, TRAXIUM GEAR 9 FE 75W-80 boasts an impressive drain interval of up to 500,000 km, providing unparalleled convenience and cost-efficiency. It's the lubricant of choice for the latest ZF gearboxes featuring Carbon and Molybdenum synchronization (ZF TE-ML 01E and ZF TE-ML 02E), ensuring optimal performance and compatibility. With approvals from renowned manufacturers such as Volvo and MAN, TRAXIUM GEAR 9 FE 75W-80 meets stringent industry standards, offering peace of mind and reliability. Whether you're operating vehicles with or without Intarder, TRAXIUM GEAR 9 FE 75W-80 delivers exceptional performance, backed by approvals for retarder applications such as Voith Class C and MAN 341 type VR, as well as MBApproval 235.29.


  • Reduced fuel consumption in comparison with standard lubricants due to TOTAL’s Fuel Economy technology.
  • Reduced cost of maintenance: specially formulated to reach extended drain intervals recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Excellent protection of gearboxes against wear and corrosion due to extreme-pressure properties of oil.
  • Improved driver start up experience: low temperature fluidity due to a high viscosity index, generating benefits during cold starts and limiting drag losses and fuel consumption.
  • Excellent stability in operation due to high viscosity index. High compatibility with oil filters due to antifoam properties.
  • Improved gear engagement: gear shiftability with a variety of synchroniser materials such as sinter, molybdenum and carbon.
  • Supports rationalisation of products (ZF, VOITH, VOLVO, MAN, MERCEDES BENZ).

Test Unit Test Method Result
Viscosity Grade - - 75W-80
Density at 15 °C kg/m3 ISO 3675 858
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C mm²/s ISO 3104 54
Kinematic viscosity at 100°C mm²/s ISO 3104 9.35
Viscosity index - ISO 2909 157
Pour point °C ISO 3016 -42
Flash Point °C ISO 2592 240