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TotalEnergies Rubia Optima 3100 10W-40 Engine Oil 208 Litres

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TotalEnergies Rubia Optima 3100 10W-40 Engine Oil - 208 Litre

Distinguished by its innovative 'Low-SAPS' (low sulphated ash, phosphorus, and sulphur) technology, Rubia Optima 3100 10W-40 offers comprehensive protection for diesel and gas engines, including those equipped with advanced post-treatment systems such as diesel particulate filters (DPFs).Endorsed by Volvo for its latest Euro 6 engines with extended oil drain intervals as stipulated by the manufacturer, this high-performance lubricant also earns commendation from prominent manufacturers like IVECO for Euro 5 and prior engine models.Rubia Optima 3100 10W-40 streamlines fleet management by catering to a diverse spectrum of engine brands, encompassing both American and European manufacturers.

  • Synthetic base stocks and high-performance additives offer a high-performance lubricant. Its semisynthetic composition provides exceptional thermal stability.
  • Outstanding detergent, antioxidant and anti-corrosion properties, help to reach extended oil drain intervals, required by DAF, MAN and Mercedes-Benz and reduce maintenance costs.
  • The association of detergent, dispersant and anti-wear keeps the engine’s most sensitive parts clean. Excellent piston cleanliness performance affords effective protection against cylinder liner polishing.
  • The advanced “Low-SAPS” formulation of Rubia Optima 3100 10W-40 helps prevent the clogging of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) and extends the post-treatment system durability.

TotalEnergies Rubia Optima 3100 10W-40 has recieved manufacturer approval from the following:
  • Mack EOS-4.5
  • DTFR 15C110 (228.51)
  • DTFR 15C120 (228.52
  • )Renault Trucks RLD-3
  • Volvo VDS-4.5
  • Cummings CES 20086
  • DDC DFS 93K222

TEST Unit Test Method Result
Density at 15 °C kg/m³ ASTM D1298 866
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C mm²/s ASTM D445 103.1
Kinematic viscosity at 100°C mm²/s ASTM D445 14.75
Viscosity index - ASTM D2270 149
Pour point °C ASTM D97 -33
Flash Point °C ASTM D92 238
T.B.N mg KOH/g ASTM D2896 9.7
Sulphated Ash % m/m ASTM D874 0.9