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TotalEnergies Quartz 9000 5W-40 Engine Oil - 5 Litre

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Product Features

TotalEnergies Quartz 9000 5W-40 Engine Oil:
The Quartz 9000 5W-40's key data includes a light vehicle range suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines, SAE 5W-40 engineered for optimal performance across various temperature ranges, advanced synthetic technology formulated with advanced compounds, manufacturer approvals such as PSA B71 2296, RENAULT RN 0700/0710, MB-Approval 229.5, VW 502.00/505.00, PORSCHE A40, BMW LL-01, and compliance with international standards ACEA A3/B4 and API SP/CF.

  • Quartz 9000 5W-40 is an advanced synthetic technology engine oil designed to meet the stringent requirements of gasoline and diesel passenger car engines.
  • Particularly suitable for turbo-compressed, multi-valve, and direct injection diesel engines.
  • Suitable for use in various driving conditions, including motorways, dense city traffic, and for sporting or intense drives throughout all seasons.
  • Ideal for vehicles without Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) registered after 2000, also suitable for gasoline engines.
  • Suited for engines with catalytic converters and those using lead-free fuel or LPG.
  • Age-Resistance Technology
  • Ensures outstanding protection against wear and oxidation, providing long-term engine protection.
  • Forms a robust oil film on engine parts, safeguarding against wear and oxidation even in extreme temperatures.

Customer Benefits:
  • Anti-wear protection: Protects the engine's most sensitive parts, ensuring optimum engine longevity.
  • Oxidation resistance: Allows for extra-long drain intervals.
  • All driving conditions: Maintains good fluidity at low temperatures for easier cold starts and remains resistant at high temperatures.
  • Optimum engine protection: Provides immediate lubrication to all engine components, even during start-up.
  • Engine cleanliness: Formulated with detergent and specific dispersive additives for engine cleanliness.
Recommendations for Use:
  • Refer to the vehicle's maintenance guide before use and perform oil changes according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Store the product below 60°C, away from sunlight, extreme cold, and temperature fluctuations. If exposed to elements, ensure proper packaging to prevent contamination.

Test Unit Test Method Result
Viscosity grade SAE J300 5W-40
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C mm²/s ASTM D445 80,5
Kinematic viscosity at 100°C mm²/s ASTM D445 13.5
Density at 15°C kg/m3 ASTM D1298 852.4
Viscosity index ASTM D2270 171
Pour point °C ASTM D97 -45
OC Flash point °C ASTM D92 236