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TotalEnergies Pneuma SY Mineral Oil, Pneumatic Tools, Rock Drills, Jack Hammers, 20 Litres

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Product Features

Pneuma SY is formulated from high quality base stocks and specific additives to meet the requirements of pneumatically operated equipment, percussion, or rotary, such as rock drills and jack hammers.

It is adapted to underground and surface mining operation, as well as other industrial applications, at any ambient temperature thanks to a wide viscosity range and low pour points.
High impact strength due to the extreme pressure additives preventing the equipment wear.
Emulsifiable, to prevent wear, corrosion, and sludges due to the presence of water, to increase drain intervals and equipment lifetime.

High tackiness to maintain continuous oil film, reducing oil mist pollution and oil consumption. Antirust properties to protect the equipment and increase the lifetime.

ISO 6743/11 Class ISO-L-PAB