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TotalEnergies Aero DM 15W-50 Engine Oil 208 Litres

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Product Features

The TotalEnergies Aero DM 15W-50 is a high-performance oil designed specifically for aviation piston engines. This oil meets the requirements of numerous aircraft manufacturers and regulatory bodies, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and safety. With a viscosity grade of 15W-50, it offers excellent protection against wear and corrosion, even under extreme operating conditions.

Key Features:
  • Premium Formulation: Crafted with high-quality base stocks, TotalEnergies Aero DM 15W-50 ensures superior performance and reliability for your aircraft engine.
  • Versatile Viscosity: With a high viscosity index, this oil maintains optimal lubrication properties across a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions, providing consistent performance.
  • Efficient Dispersing: TotalEnergies Aero DM 15W-50 exhibits excellent dispersing performance, preventing the buildup of deposits and ensuring engine cleanliness.
  • Robust Protection: Offers outstanding oxidation and corrosion resistance, safeguarding critical engine components and extending engine life even in harsh operating environments.
  • Enhanced Wear Protection: Contains an anti-wear additive equivalent to Textron Lycoming LW16702, providing unmatched protection against wear and ensuring the longevity of your aircraft engine.