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Chemodex Penol - Heavy Duty Penetrating Oil 500ml Aerosol

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Product Features

PENOL Heavy Duty Penetrating Fluid: Unlocking Tough Solutions

Are you tired of wrestling with rusted bolts, stubborn nuts, and corroded surfaces? Look no further! Introducing PENOL Heavy Duty Penetrating Fluid, your ultimate ally in conquering challenging tasks.


PENOL is meticulously crafted from a unique blend of synthetic fluids. These remarkable components possess dual properties: solvent strength and surface tension reduction. Let’s break it down:

Solvent Power: PENOL’s synthetic blend cuts through rust, corrosion, and grime like a hot knife through butter. It dissolves barriers that conventional penetrating fluids struggle with.

Surface Tension Reduction: Imagine a superhero cape that allows you to glide effortlessly. That’s what PENOL does for your projects. By reducing surface tension, it ensures maximum wetting and deeper penetration—even on stubborn, corroded surfaces.

Advantages Over Conventional Penetrating Fluids:

Precision Penetration: PENOL’s secret sauce lies in its ability to infiltrate tight spaces. Whether it’s a seized bolt or a rusted hinge, PENOL slips in where others falter.

Surface Whisperer: Say goodbye to surface tension woes. PENOL’s magic touch ensures better wetting, allowing it to reach every nook and cranny. It’s like a friendly handshake between metal and fluid.

Professional-Grade Performance: Mechanics, DIY enthusiasts, and weekend warriors—rejoice! With PENOL in your toolbox, you’re armed with a powerful solution. Tackling tough jobs becomes a breeze.

How to Use:

  • Spray & Wait: Apply PENOL directly to the problem area. Let it work its magic. Patience pays off!
  • Loosen Up: After a few minutes, watch as rust and resistance surrender. 
  • Grab your wrench or pliers and twist with newfound confidence.

Maintenance Must-Have: Keep PENOL handy for preventive maintenance. It’s like insurance against future headaches.

Remember, when the going gets tough, reach for PENOL Heavy Duty Penetrating Fluid. Your projects will thank you!