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Exol Trojan 68 Industrial Gear Oil G001 - 25L

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Product Features

Exol Trojan 220 Industrial Gear Oil:
The Trojan grades are a range of specially formulated extreme pressure industrial gear oils. Trojan products are formulated using high quality solvent refined base oils, extreme pressure additives and other performance additives to improve the base oil’s oxidation resistance, corrosion protection. They are available in varying viscosities to meet the exacting demands of modern gearbox requirements.

  • Extreme pressure additives for extended gear life
  • Compatible with most types of seal
  • Excellent oxidation stability
The Trojan range can be recommended for most types of enclosed gear applications. They are also suitable for chain drives and bearings. Please refer to the manufacturer to identify the correct viscosity grade.

Product Specification:

DIN 51517 Part 3
US Steel 224
David Brown S1 53.101 
ISO 12925-1 CKC/CKD
AGMA 250.04, 9005-D94, 9005-E02
Cincinnati Machine P-74 (ISO VG 220 only)

Typical Test Data:

Trojan 68
Poduct Code G001
Specific Gravity @ 15.6°C 0.880
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100˚C (cSt) 68
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40˚C (cSt) 8.7
Viscosity Index 98
Flash Point COC (°C) 212
Pour Point (°C) -15