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Exol Optima FS 0W-30 Engine Oil M344 25 Litre

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Product Features

EXOL OPTIMA FS 0W-30 Engine Oil M344:
Optima FS 0W-30, the engine oil technology meticulously engineered for modern petrol and diesel car engines. Crafted with precision, this fully synthetic oil combines synthetic esters, highly branched isoparaffinic polyalphaolefins, and a specialised additive package to deliver unparalleled performance.

Key Features:
  • Outstanding low-temperature properties ensure smooth starts even in extreme cold conditions.
  • Enhanced overall engine performance for a smoother and more efficient drive.
  • Fuel economy savings to help you go further with every tank.
  • Unrivaled engine protection to safeguard your vehicle's vital components.
Optima FS 0W-30 is the perfect choice for a wide range of modern passenger cars and vans, especially those seeking superior fuel efficiency and engine performance.

Product Specifications:

Volvo VCC 95200377
VW 503.00
BMW Longlife-01 FE

Typical Test Data:

Specific Gravity @ 15.6°C 0.848
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100˚C (cSt) 10.3
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40˚C (cSt) 58.0
Viscosity Index 168
CCS @ -35˚C (cP) 5800
Pour Point (˚C) -45
TBN (mg KOH / g) 9.0