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Exol Optima 2 Stroke Oil TC M095 - 1 Litre

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Product Features

Optima 2 Stroke API TC Quality 2 Stroke Oil:
Optima 2 Stroke is a premium, low-ash 2-stroke oil formulated with the latest additive technology and high-quality base oil components. This clean-burning, low-smoke oil exceeds API TC performance requirements and is suitable for both premix and injector systems.

  • Protection Against Piston and Cylinder Scuffing: Ensures the longevity of engine components.
  • Superior Anti-Wear Protection: Provides excellent wear resistance for critical parts.
  • High Lubricating Film Strength: Maintains strong lubrication under various operating conditions.
  • Reduced Deposit Formation: Keeps engines cleaner and running smoothly.
Optima 2 Stroke is ideal for use in motorcycles with low to medium output and is suitable for various 2-stroke applications, including chainsaws, hedge cutters, go-karts, lawnmowers, and snowmobiles. Always refer to the equipment handbook for the correct mixing ratios and specification requirements.

Product Specification:


Typical Test Data:

Appearance Red
Specific Gravity @ 15.6°C 0.88
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C, (cSt) 8.94
Flash Point, (°C) 170