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Bradex 300ml Easy Start - starts damp cold petrol or diesel engines

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Product Features

Car won’t start?

There’s nothing worse on a cold or wet day, when you’re already late or you have too much to do. Sitting in the car, turning the key in the ignition and hoping that this time it will start.

Bradex Easy Start gets you moving, whatever the weather. Applied directly to the air intake at the front of your car, it works to make the fuel/air mix more combustible, so the engine can start easier.

No more turning the key, hoping, and praying – with a can of Bradex Easy Start, your journeys will always get off on the right foot.

  • Starts all engines fast, including both petrol and diesel
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Works down to -20°C
  • No damaging effect

Features and Benefits

Bradex Easy Start is a DIY product that makes starting your car easier. Whether it’s a cold morning or you drive an older car that’s prone to starting problems; Bradex will adjust the fuel/air mix to get you underway without the need to repeatedly turn the key and risk flooding the engine.

Quick and easy to use, Bradex has been lab-developed to work in temperatures down to -20°C. That means on those cold winter mornings you no longer need to worry about getting your car going. Simply spray Bradex into your car’s air intake, turn the ignition as normal, and you should find that the engine fires first, every time.

Bradex Easy Start is the simple way to avoid those nightmare situations where you’re stuck with a car that won’t start. By keeping a can in your car, you have peace of mind that cold or wet weather won’t leave you stranded.

What’s more, Bradex Easy Start can be safely used in all engines. So, whether you have an old lawnmower or a vintage motorbike, you can use Bradex to start any engine, anytime.

The product can be used on things like:

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Motorbikes
  • Lorries
  • Lawnmowers
  • Tractors and agricultural machinery
  • Generators and industrial machinery

How it Works

Bradex Easy Start is an innovative product that’s almost guaranteed to get your engine started in cold weather conditions.

Applied directly to the air intake (which is located directly at the front of your car under the bonnet), the product circulates through the inlet valve to reach the combustion chamber, where it works to make the fuel/air mixture inside the engine more combustible. It also contains lubricating oil which helps to protect the engine and prevent wear.

To use Bradex Easy Start, follow these instructions:

Petrol Car Drivers

Spray the product directly into your car’s air intake for a few seconds. Then, attempt to start the engine by turning the key. You should find that the engine fires more quickly.

Diesel Car Drivers

If you drive a diesel, you’ll need another person to help you use Bradex Easy Start to get your engine firing. That’s because you need to turn the key while Bradex is being sprayed into the air intake. Spray the product for a few seconds while turning the key. You should find that the engine fires more quickly.

Watch our instructional video below to learn more about how Bradex Easy Start works and how to apply it to your car.