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Chemodex Pinex - Pine Disinfectant Cleaner

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Product Features

A general purpose QAP based pine disinfectant for floors, drains, sinks, toilets and general use.

PINEXMaterial Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

A Low viscosity heavy duty solvent cleaner containing powerful degreasing agents and a high level of surfactant to aid wash off. Ideal as a general, hard surface cleaner which can then be rinsed off with water to leave a grease free surface. Not to be used where rubber or plastic components i.e. washers/rubber seals are present. Formulated to attack the toughest grease and oil deposits often out performing more traditional products. Can also be used as a concentrate to produce more cost effective products when diluted up to 5:1. CALL FOR PRICE & SHIPPING INFO

GREASOLVE Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)