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Chemodex Chemsil High Performance Clear Silicone Lubricant Spray 500ml Aerosol

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Size: 500ml Aerosol

CHEMSIL Silicone Spray finds a complimentary place alongside our range of High Performance Lubricants and meets an increasing demand throughout industry in circumstances where the conventional lubricant cannot be used. The wide and varied application range listed below gives an indication of its value to both maintenance and production engineers. Applications: • Food Industry • Textile Industry • Garage Uses • General

GENERAL USES: Prevents weld spatter adhesion and build up on packaging machinery and acts as an anti-stick mould release agent. Recommended lubricant for electrical switch contact mechanisms etc. High temperature lubricant.

FOOD INDUSTRY: A safe lubricant for handling and processing machinery in food and meat packing plants, canneries, breweries, dairies and for sub zero applications in cold stores and freezing plants.

Knitting head and general textile machinery lubricant suitable for the most intricate mechanisms. Prevents the build up of fluff.

GARAGE TRADE: Ideal for window channels, winding mechanisms, locks, hinges, telescopic aerials, rubber and nylon bushes etc. Puts a sheen on PVC upholstery and roofs etc. Adds new look to matt black trim.

CHARACTERISTICS: Non-Staining / Water Repellent / Non-Gumming / Non-Carbonising.

CHEMSIL Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)