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TotalEnergies LHM Plus Mineral Hydraulic Fluid

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Product Features

  • Suitable for the hydraulic systems of CITROEN XM, Xantia, BX, CX, SM, GS.
  • Compatible with the hydraulic systems of CITROEN ID and DS vehicles manufactured since September 1966 (parts painted in green).
  • Designed for the hydraulic systems of CITROEN vans N, P, and C35.
  • Recommended for brake circuits on Ami 8, Ami Super, Dyane, and Mehari since September 1977, and on 2CV since July 1982.Ideal for the level adjuster of Peugeot 405 X4.
  • PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN B71 2710 compliant.
  • Exhibits an exceptionally high viscosity index.
  • Boasts a very low pour point.
  • Ensures high stability under various conditions.
  • Offers excellent lubricating properties.
  • Features high boiling temperatures and is not sensitive to moisture (non-hygroscopic product).
  • Provides very good protection against corrosion.
Not miscible and not compatible with synthetic fluids, including DOT3, DOT4, DOT5, and former CITROEN fluids of LHS 2 type.


LHM PLUS Units SAE Grade
Volumetric mass at 15°C kg/dm3 0.845
Colour Fluorescent green
Viscosity at - 40°C mm²/s < 1200
Viscosity at 40°C mm²/s 18
Viscosity at 100°C (min) mm²/s 6.3
Viscosity index 355
Pour point °C -62