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Chemodex Brakekleen - Brake and Clutch Cleaner Aerosol Solvent Spray Degreaser

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Size: 500ml Aerosol

CHEMODEX BRAKEKLEEN - the practice of blowing out vehicle brake drums by compressed air is hazardous to health. The air atomises the brake dust making it easy to inhale and can result in serious injury.

CHEMODEX BRAKEKLEEN greatly reduces this risk.

CHEMODEX BRAKEKLEEN - Use in a ventilated atmosphere:

- Remove wheels and brake drums from the vehicle.
- Spray the solvent cleaner onto the brake shoes, brake disks and back plate (this will have the affect of damping down brake dust and cleaning away any oil deposits).
- Spray clean the drum as necessary. Avoid Spraying rubber parts.
- Repeat the action set out in paragraph (2) to provide final rinse.

The components will quickly dry and be left in an ideal condition for re- assembly.

BRAKEKLEEN A/SOL Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)