Adblue What is it and What is it for?

Welcome to Chemodex, a premier distributor of oils, chemicals, and lubricants in the United Kingdom. Today, we delve into AdBlue, the predominant diesel emissions fluid available in the market.

Understanding AdBlue:

AdBlue is a specialized liquid utilized in numerous modern diesel vehicles. If your vehicle is equipped with AdBlue, periodic refills between services are almost inevitable. In this article, we explore its composition, applications, and functionality.


Contrary to common misconceptions, AdBlue is neither derived from pig urine nor is it naturally blue. This colourless, non-toxic solution is synthetically produced, consisting of urea and de-ionized water of pharmaceutical-grade purity. Automotive urea, a combination of ammonia and carbon dioxide, forms the basis of this solution.


AdBlue plays a crucial role in reducing diesel exhaust emissions, mandated for all diesel vehicles since the introduction of Euro 6 by the European Union in September 2015. It operates in conjunction with the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to minimize carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions, adhering to the strictest emissions standard to date.


When the AdBlue tank is full, it precisely injects the solution into the engine's exhaust gases. Ammonia in the urea initiates chemical reactions, breaking down nitrous oxide emissions. This process results in the emission of nitrogen and water vapor, reducing nitrous oxide emissions by up to 90%.

Consequences of Depletion:

In the event of AdBlue depletion, your vehicle enters a 'limp home' state, as the car perceives this fluid as essential for operation. This mode restricts power and performance, allowing you to drive to the nearest service station or home. A warning light on the dashboard typically illuminates when approximately 1500 driving miles remain before AdBlue needs replenishing.

Chemodex's Support:

Chemodex offers AdBlue in a range of quantities, from 5 litres to bulk pump-out deliveries. This versatility caters to diverse client needs, from individual drivers requiring small quantities between services to large-scale industries necessitating bulk volumes for tanks or IBCs. With two pump-out lorries equipped with a 30-meter hose, Chemodex ensures efficient and comprehensive service, reaching even the most challenging locations. Whether for personal vehicle maintenance, forecourt readiness, farmyard IBC refills, or yard tank top-ups, Chemodex provides tailored solutions for every requirement.

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